04/08/2014 Self-repairing material developed by IK4-CIDETEC selected for Industrial Technologies 2014
IK4-CIDETEC is attending the European Industrial Technologies event from the 8th to the 11th of April.
04/01/2014 New materials for the capture of carbon dioxide
IK4-CIDETEC participates in the European project INTERACT that is aimed at developing new materials and processes for carbon dioxidecapture in post-combustion processes. The project aims to combine new materials such as ionic liquid polymeric membranes (PILs) and biological absor...
03/14/2014 A new composite manufacturing process to reduce production times.
IK4-CIDETEC takes part in the European project ECOGELCRONOS in order to obtain a new manufacturing process for composites (or composite materials) with a high rate of production and environmentally sustainable. The project counts on € 4 million budget and involves 13 European or...
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