06/17/2016 IK4-CIDETEC and AIMPLAS present the latest developments in advanced composites for the automotive industry
The seminar on Advanced Composites for the Automotive sector, organized by IK4-CIDETEC and AIMPLAS technology centres, brought together leading industry experts at the Science Museum of San Sebastian.
06/08/2016 IK4-CIDETEC takes part in COBRA (COatings for BipolaR plAtes) project.
The aim of the project is to develop best-of-its-class bipolar plates for automotive stacks with superior corrosion resistance and durability while meeting commercial target cost.
05/27/2016 Chemistry World publishes an article highlighting the new development by IK4-CIDETEC, concerning epoxy resins and "3R" composites (Reprocessable, recyclable and repairable).
The science magazine discusses the advantages of the new material developed by the Polymer and Composite Unit.
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