08/25/2015 Iñaki Aranburu appointed as IK4’s new Chairman
Iñaki Aranburu, Chairman of IK4-IKERLAN, has been appointed as the new chairman of IK4 now that Jesús María Iriondo’s term of office has come to an end. Mr Iriondo will continue to collaborate with the alliance from his position as Chairman of IK4-TEKNIKER.
07/24/2015 Excellence in electrochemistry awarded by the XI CIDETEC 2014 awards
Dr. ENRIQUE BRILLAS COSO and Dr. ÁLVARO COLINA SANTAMARÍA, winners of the XI CIDETEC awards, received their prizes and diplomas
06/24/2015 IK4-CIDETEC welcomes the Basque Country's Lehendakari (President) Iñigo Urkullu
President of the Basque Country Iñigo Urkullu visits the IK4-CIDETEC facilities for a first-hand look at the centre’s latest developments
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