05/26/2016 PneumoNP workshop 2016: from 10 to 14 July in Bremen
Under the European project PneumoNP, led by IK4-CIDETEC, a workshop on bacterial resistance to antibiotics and the new technologies that are being developed to address this problem has been organised
05/19/2016 IK4-CIDETEC and AIMPLAS set out the possibilities of new automotive composites
IK4-CIDETEC and AIMPLAS will review the opportunities offered by the automotive and transportation sectors regarding new composites at a seminar that will take place on June 16 at the Museum of Science in Donostia.
05/09/2016 The Basque Government recognizes the work carried out by the team of researchers of the ACTIMAT project.
On behalf of IK4-CIDETEC, Virginia Ruiz received the oar that symbolises the teamwork under which the project took place.
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