Self-regenerating polymer
Researchers at IK4-CIDETEC have created a polymer capable of self-repairing at room temperature without the need of any catalysts or any external stimulus. After being cut in half, the material is able to regenerate itself in just two hours, fully recovering its mechanical properties.

This new polymer is based on a poly(urea-urethane) type composition, a material which is widely used in industry. Therefore, and because it can be easily scaled-up, this new development is expected to reach the markets shortly. Its discovery opens a wide range of industrial applications in the use plastic components, in both electrical and automotive sectors, as well as in construction and in the development of biomaterials.


The work, which was published in the journal Materials Horizons from the Royal Society of Chemistry, was developed in the framework of the SHINE European project, where IK4-CIDETEC participates as a partner in a consortium of various European companies, research centres and universities.


IK4-CIDETEC plans to continue working in this field, with the aim of developing harder self-repairing materials through the incorporation of reinforcements or the use of other technologies.



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