CIDETEC 2012 awards
The CIDETEC jury awards 2012 were held on April 23rd 2013 at CIDETEC.
The jury members decided to award:  

1) Dr. PARAMACONI BENITO PEREZ RODRIGUEZ currently in the School of Chemistry at the University of Birmingham, for the work: "The Promoting effect of adsorbed carbon monoxide on the oxidation of alcohols on a gold catalyst "published in Nature Chemistry, 4 (2012) 177-182. with the 2012 CIDETEC Award in the field of Scientific Research in Electrochemistry, worth 6,000 euros

2) Prof. Dr. ANTONIO ALDAZ RIERA from the Chemistry Physics Department of the University of Alicante with the 2012 CIDETEC Award for his Scientific trajectory in Electrochemistry, worth 6,000 euros.

The awards ceremony will take place next July at the General Assembly of the Specialized Electrochemical Group to be held during its annual meeting in Valencia.


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