CIDETEC and the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa sign a collaboration agreement to support research and the transfer of knowledge to the industrial fabric.

The provincial institution and the technology centre join forces to place Gipuzkoa among the most advanced territories in sustainable mobility and energy storage.

The Gipuzkoa Deputy General, Markel Olano and Deputy Minister of Economic Promotion, Rural Environment and Territory, Ainhoa Aizpuru, visited CIDETEC on 27 January, where they presented the collaboration agreement signed by the regional institution and the Technology centre in order to advance on the strategy that places Gipuzkoa "among the most advanced territories in sustainable mobility and energy storage." Eduardo Junquera and Javier Rodríguez, President and CEO of CIDETEC, participated in the presentation. 

Firstly, the collaboration agreement seeks to support the research work carried out by CIDETEC in the field of energy storage and high-performance batteries, either through the acquisition of equipment or by attracting talent and the implementation of new lines of research. Secondly, to support the transfer of knowledge that can be applied to new products and innovations that can be translated into new industrial activity. And, thirdly, to boost the territory of Gipuzkoa as an advanced development pole in terms of sustainable mobility and energy storage. 

The deputy general recalled that the Provincial Council, along with other companies and agents of the sector, has been working collaboratively in a strategy that places Gipuzkoa at the head of the most advanced territories in the field of electric and sustainable mobility. "We want to make new commitments to this path. For Gipuzkoa to have advanced centres such as CIDETEC, is an opportunity that we must take advantage of, to reinforce and generate an industrial ecosystem, an industrial fabric around a future like this one. This collaboration will have its effect in boosting the industrial fabric related to energy and mobility" he summarized. 

In the words of Javier Rodríguez, the agreement signed with the Provincial Council of Gipuzkoa means "a great important boost to our activity in the field of electrical storage", but “more importantly, it represents a great opportunity for the productive sector of the territory as far as the development of new technologies, businesses and opportunities for energy storage". "Our joint objective is to place Gipuzkoa on the map regarding the most advanced and best-positioned regions for the future in the field of energy storage and therefore in fields such as electric mobility or energy and environmental sustainability" he concluded.