CoFBAT European project´s kick off meeting took place in Belgium on 12th of November


CIDETEC Energy Storage is participating in CoFBAT project “Advanced material solutions for safer and long-lasting high capacity cobalt free batteries for stationary storage applications” under grant agreement 875126. Project has started on 12th of November. The kick off meeting took place at Solvay in Belgium.

CoFBAT project aims towards development of novel solutions for battery storage with a modular technology, suitable for different applications fulfilling the increasing need of decentralised energy production and supply for private households and industrial robotised devices. CoFBAT will strengthen the EU competitiveness in advanced materials and the related battery value chain by developing a cobalt free solutions and safe polymer electrolytes. CoFBAT gathers the whole value chain in battery production from materials to battery manufacturing, including electrochemical characterization and life cycle assessment.

CoFBAT gathers a consortium of 19 partners from 9 countries having received a funding from European Commission of 7.9 M €.