CIDETEC blows out 25 candles in full growth


The organisation achieved a record income in 2021 and faces the future with the expectation of doubling its activity over the next five years.

CIDETEC started its activity on 4 March 1997, as an R&D centre focused on energy storage, particularly electrochemical batteries and hydrogen cells, and on surface engineering, with a four-person research group with experience in these areas. After 25 years of activity, today CIDETEC is composed of three centres working on energy storage, surface engineering and nanomedicine, with a staff of 215 people, 50% of whom hold PhDs in various disciplines. In 2021, CIDETEC recorded income of €15m, the highest in its history.

The organisation has recently started a new period marked by its Strategic Plan 2021-2027, in which investments of more than €30 million are planned with the aim of doubling the group’s size and turnover.

CIDETEC currently has its headquarters in the Gipuzkoa Science and Technology Park in Donostia-San Sebastián, where it has three locations. It also has facilities at MUBIL, the Gipuzkoa Electromobility Park in Tolosa, which will soon move to Eskusaitzeta, in San Sebastián.

CIDETEC works for both local and international companies and in collaborative projects with other centres and universities. In these 25 years of experience, CIDETEC has participated in more than 675 research projects, both its own or in collaboration with other entities, 65 of them within the framework of the different European programmes, which set the trends and priorities of European R&D&I for the future.