CIDETEC brings together European experts on eco-friendly li-ion batteries

The final meeting of the GREENLION project was an opportunity to present the important technical milestones reached by the project, which has a clear industrial application in the field of energy storage

As project coordinator, CIDETEC hosted the final meeting of Europe’s GREENLION project. The purpose of the project, co-funded by the EU’s Seventh Framework Programme for Research and with an overall budget of €8.6M, was to develop a range of technologies used to design and manufacture high-performance “Greener” li-ion batteries for electric vehicle applications, always with an eye towards eco-design, recyclability, and minimising environmental impact.


17 European partners from seven different countries participated in the project. GREENLION’S solid focus on practical applications was backed by 11 industrial partners, who participated in the consortium, along with six leading technological companies, both at European and international level. CIDETEC not only managed the overall coordination of the project but also, as a leader in energy storage systems, contributed its proven expertise in aspects of battery design, manufacturing and testing, working hand-in-hand with project partners.


All project objectives were met across the board, with noteworthy milestones including:

  • Technology to manufacture aqueous-based electrodes and avoid the use of organic solvents was developed.
  • More than 150 20Ah cells using technologies developed in the project have been manufactured.
  • An eco-designed battery pack was created, featuring easier removal for future cell reuse or recycling, including a virtual design of an automated assembly line.
  • Following automotive design criteria, a total of six fully functional battery packs were assembled from batteries and electronics developed in the project.
  • An analysis of the complete battery life cycle was carried out which demonstrates the lowest possible environmental impact of the manufacturing technologies and processes employed.


Seven patents, 20 scientific-technical publications and over 50 papers presented at conferences have been generated based on the project’s results.

CIDETEC closed out the four-year project by organising “Towards Advanced, Green Batteries: Realities and Expectations”, an industrial workshop open to the public. A number of project partners participated in the event, including SOLVAY and SEAT, as well as guest speakers from leading Basque companies in the field of electromobility like IBIL and IRIZAR.