CIDETEC Energy Storage, invited speaker at the 2nd IQPC Workshop on Battery Production for EV/HEVs


CIDETEC Energy Storage will be present at the el 2nd IQPC Workshop on Battery Production for EV/HEVs that will be held from 18 to 20th September 2018 in Frankfurt (Germany), gathering representatives of the main companies of this sector. Idoia Urdampilleta, Energy Materials Unit manager, will represent CIDETEC Energy Storage with an invited talk where she will show the last progress in aqueous processing of materials for advanced lithium ion batteries.

In this event will participate, amonsgt other speakers, representatives of battery manufacturing companies –CATL, EAS, BMZ, Custom Cells-, machinery and process control –Manz, Siemens-, electromobility –Renault-, as well as the two main known European initiatives towards setting up battery “megafactory” concepts such as Northvolt and Terra E. The RTD side will be covered by the Fraunhofer Battery Alliance, VUB/Eucar and CIDETEC Energy Storage.