CIDETEC hosts the European elite of research in energy storage

On the 20th, 21st and 22nd March, CIDETEC, in collaboration with Tecnalia, hosted a series of meetings of the Energy Storage Program of the European Energy Research Alliance, bringing together more than 40 experts in the field.

EERA is a European Commission initiative under the SET Plan -Strategic Energy Technology Plan- which brings together the main members of the European scientific-technological community in low-carbon energy technologies. Structured around 17 Joint Programs or Joint Technology Programs, the Energy Storage program plays a key role because of its transversality and facilitating role in the face of renewable technologies of generation, energy management -smart grids- and others. 
The main event hosted at CIDETEC was the meeting of the Steering Committee of the energy storage program, which took stock of the previous year’s activities and set the strategic lines of action for the present. 
At the same time, the meetings of the various working groups were held, including the Electrochemical Storage Sub programme of which CIDETEC plays an active role on behalf of the IK4 Research Alliance. 
The series of events ended with a workshop on Hybrid Systems of Energy Storage organized in collaboration with the program of intelligent networks where different initiatives were presented and discussed and which will lead to a dissemination and positioning document. 
As part of the program of events, attendees had the chance to visit the installations of CIDETEC, where they learnt about the Centre’s energy storage activities, including the fully operational pilot plant for lithium ion battery assembly.