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High temperature PEM fuel cells for electricity and heat cogeneration systems

CIDETEC is taking part in the European project DeMStack focused on the improvement of electrocatalysts and membrane electrode assemblies for high temperature fuel cells

CIDETEC participates in the optimization of a stack based on high temperature PEM fuel cell (HTPEMFC) technology under the European project DeMStack. The research is coordinated by Foundation for Research and Technology HELLAS and aims to build a 1 kWe stack prototype, combined with a fuel processor, and determining its long term stability.


The consortium, whose representatives met on 15 May in CIDETEC to hold the second follow-up meeting, also counts on the support of other European reference centres in the field of high temperature membrane fuel cells, such as the Institute of Chemical Engineering and High Temperature Chemical Processes (FORTH / ICE-HT, Greece), as well as the companies Helbio, Prototech and Advent.


High temperature PEM fuel cells require less peripheral components, thus reducing auxiliary energy consumption. Furthermore, they have greater resistance to contaminants such as carbon monoxide, so that they can be powered with lower quality hydrogen in comparison to other types of fuel cells. These and other advantages make this type of fuel cells highly efficient.


CIDETEC’s contribution to this project is the improvement of electrocatalysts and membrane electrode assemblies for high temperature fuel cells, given their previous expertise in this technology.

The research consortium is currently working on applications oriented mainly to the field of combined heat and power generation (CHP), with the aim of analysing the economic impact of the use of this technology.