The Future: Fast Forward cluster, in which CIDETEC participates, receives the final decision from the Ministry of Industry for its PERTE VEC project


The largest industrial project in the history of Spain has 52 partners that will develop 86 projects to contribute to the transformation of the automotive sector, promoting its electrification for sustainable mobility.

The Future: Fast Forward cluster has received the final approval from the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Tourism regarding its proposal for the development of the Strategic Projects for the Economic Recovery and Transformation for the Electric Vehicle (PERTE VEC).

The decision comes after the Ministry reviewed all the documentation submitted by the cluster on 13 January for the implementation of the project. The partners of Future: Fast Forward have correctly submitted the required guarantees.

This completes the administrative procedures required to receive the funds from the European Union's Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan granted to the Future: Fast Forward partners, amounting to EUR 357 million.

A historic cluster

Following the grants awarded, Future: Fast Forward will develop 86 projects with 52 of the cluster's partners in different autonomous communities: Andalusia, Aragon, Cantabria, Castile and Leon, Catalonia, Community of Madrid, Community of Valencia, Extremadura, Galicia, Navarre and the Basque Country.

The partners of Future: Fast Forward, which include CIDETEC, will contribute to PERTE VEC by implementing the projects, which are divided into nine thematic blocks and are expected to mobilise an investment of EUR 10 billion: EUR 7 billion from Grupo Volkswagen, SEAT S.A. and PowerHoldco and EUR 3 billion from the rest of the partners. Firstly, the mandatory blocks -those areas that are considered essential to achieve PERTE VEC’s goals- will address projects regarding (i) original equipment manufacturing and assembly, (ii) battery manufacturing and (iii) manufacturing of other components. Secondly, the cross-cutting blocks, which are also essential to achieve PERTE VEC’s goals, but the application of which goes beyond a specific territory of action; these include (iv) training; (v) digitalisation and (vi) circular economy. And, finally, the optional blocks, which complement the development of PERTE VEC and address (vii and viii) the manufacturing of electric vehicle components and connectivity and (ix) the manufacturing of charging systems.

The event for the presentation of the cluster will take place on 2 February, at which a full description of the different projects will be given.

Future: Fast Forward is the largest business alliance in the history of the Spanish automotive industry. Its geographical diversification and full understanding of the entire automotive value chain give it a comprehensive vision of the steps required to develop the sustainable electrification of mobility in Spain. This is an ambitious project that can transform Spain into a leading European hub for electric mobility, as well as having a very positive impact at the socio-economic level due to its capillarity throughout the automotive sector’s value chain.

Marc Riera, president of Future: Fast Forward, stated: “The PERTE VEC decision is another step forward in our plan to make the Spanish automotive industry a European benchmark for sustainable electrification. At Future: Fast Forward we are working to transform the mobility industry to bring us closer to a more sustainable future”.

Partners of the Future: Fast Forward cluster

In addition to CIDETEC, the following also participate in the initiative: Altech, Asai Industrial, AZTERLAN, Balidea, BeePlanet, Bosch, Brose, CARTO, CELSA Group, CETIM, CSIC, CERLER Global Electronics, CYP, Delta Vigo, ENSO INNOVATION, Feníe Energía, FORMINSA, GCR Group, Gestamp, Glavista, Gonvarri, Sesé, Simoldes, Iberdrola, Intrustial, ILJIN, Ingedetec, Universidad Zaragoza, isEazy, ISEND, Kapture, Kautenik, Kivnon, Lazpiur, Leartiker, Libelium, Lithium Iberia, Malena Engineering, Mindcaps, Mol-Matric, Motorland Aragón, NTDD, NUTAI, Órbita Ingeniería, Pomceg Electronics, POWER Innotech, PowerCo, SEAT CODE, SEAT MÓ, SEAT S.A., Silence, Grupo SPR, Sumitomo Electric Bordnetze SE, Técnicas Reunidas, TECOI, Valeo, Vega Chargers, Vicomtech, Volkswagen Navarra, WIP and Zylk.

Collaborators of the Future: Fast Forward cluster:

CaixaBank, Eurecat, FICOSA, ITAINNOVA and Telefónica España.

Funded by the European Union-Next Generation EU.