CIDETEC Nanomedicine participates with Emissary in the IN-COSMETICS GLOBAL exhibition


The EMISSARY company, a CIDETEC Nanomedicine spin off, had a stand at the trade fair held in Paris from 2 to 4 April. In-cosmetics global, which has just celebrated its 30th event, is a leading exhibition in the personal care ingredients sector that brings together the suppliers of these ingredients (exhibitors) with the manufacturers of the final product (visitors) with the aim of establishing relationships, exploring trends and launching new products. This year's event broke all the attendance records with a total of 12,000 visitors.

EMISSARY showcased 5 new products in the form of nanocapsules containing ceramide and hyaluronic acid for the anti-ageing product line, and turmeric, DPG and vitamin A as antioxidants. Dr. Aitziber López, in charge of the line of intelligent colloids, attended the fair on behalf of CIDETEC Nanomedicine. Emissary was represented by Dr. María Arbulu, CEO of the company.

Emissary Cosmetics is a CIDETEC spin off dedicated to the marketing of an intelligent encapsulation system for the cosmetics industry. Emissary has a patented encapsulation technology based on polypeptides, capable of modulating the speed of release of the cosmetic ingredient according to the needs of the skin. The polypeptide capsules can encapsulate both hydrophobic and hydrophilic active ingredients and can be adapted to customer needs.