CIDETEC makes progress towards the energy-efficient building

The I-climabuilt project will develop materials and technical systems for building envelopes that will bring us closer to the goal of near-zero emissions.


CIDETEC Surface Engineering participates in I-climabuilt, a project with more than €16m allocated to laying the foundations to meet the EU's energy efficiency targets for buildings: according to the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD), all new buildings must reach near-zero energy consumption levels from 2020 onwards. In other words, their energy needs must be very low and must be met mainly by renewable energy sources. Today, these buildings are responsible for approximately 40% of all energy consumption and 36% of CO2 emissions in Europe.

Therefore, there is an urgent need for a profound market transformation through the deployment of new and more efficient technologies and materials in the building sector that support the implementation of near-zero energy and emission buildings. The I-climabuilt project will work to overcome the obstacles that have prevented adequate levels of efficiency being achieved, bringing together all parts of the chain involved, from the manufacture and testing of materials and technical systems to the development of components, taking into consideration the economic and financial factors that, in turn, define and control social acceptability, particularly, of building envelope solutions.

Precisely, the main objective of CIDETEC Surface Engineering is to provide high quality and lower cost omniphobic materials on a pilot scale for implementation and validation in building envelope components. In addition, CIDETEC will optimise the capacity of its existing omniphobic coatings pilot plant to accelerate the acceptance of the materials and their ability to contribute to the "I-climabuilt" ecosystem in future pilot installations.

The ultimate goal of the I-climabuilt project is to create a business environment that will facilitate the connection between suppliers and users, facilitating the entry of new technological solutions into the next round of innovations in materials and technical building envelope systems.

I-climabuilt encompasses a strong consortium of 16 leading research centres and eleven SMEs with complementary profiles and high expertise.