CIDETEC Participates in Dutch Design Week 2018


Every year in October, Dutch Design Week (DDW) is held in the Dutch city of Eindhoven. This is the biggest design event in northern Europe, where the works and ideas of over 2,600 designers are displayed to more than 335,000 local and international visitors. DDW organises and facilitates exhibits, lectures, prize ceremonies, networking events, debates and festivities in over a hundred points of the city.

This year, CIDETEC was present at DDW along with 17 other partners of the Trash-to-Cash (T2C) project, in order to show six new material prototypes comprised of new, recycled and recyclable apparel and automotive materials and concepts. The exhibit took place at Klokgebouw Cultuurhallen from Saturday the 20th up to Sunday the 28th of October.

In addition to material prototypes, T2C also shared a new way of working – Design-Driven Material Innovation (DDMI) – outlining how science, design and industry can input into the process from beginning to end.

T2C is anEU Horizon 2020 fundedproject which seeks to advance towards a sustainable future textile industry that benefits both people and the planet. It proposes a recycling model where textile waste is chemically regenerated, resulting in new plastics and textiles of the same quality as the original materials while creating products that can be replicated industrially and recycled to infinity.