CIDETEC Surface Engineering hosted the kick off meeting of TRUE-REPLACE European project


TRU-REPLACE “Trustful and eco-friendly replacement to hexavalent hard chrome“  European project was started on November 1st.. The main goal of the project is to validate, improve and upgrade a REACH compliant alternative to the hexavalent hard chromium plating process currently employed for protecting critical parts in components, mainly from the aerospace and automotive industry.

In this scenario, the TRU-REPLACE project will implement Cr(VI)-free protective coatings based on electroless nickel composite multilayers. This approach enables the production of protective coatings exhibiting enhanced features compared to conventional monolayered coatings. Moreover, addition of reinforcing nano-materials into the multilayered structure boosts the performance of this materials rivalling to those obtained by traditional Cr(VI) plating.

The team of the TRU-REPLACE project gathers key-players in the development and application of electroless coatings and electrolytes along with experts in the functionalization of nano-materials, covering the whole value-chain for both applications. The TRUE-REPLACE project received the EUROSTARS-EUREKA seal with a total budget of 1.177.950€ in a 30 month long project.