HARVEST project launched


HARVEST project was launched at the International Centre of Hellenic Education Culture & Vocational Training D.I.K.E.P.P.E.E (“Stavros Niarchos”) on 26-27 September 2018 in Ioannina (Greece).

HARVEST project, funded by the European Commission with an allocated budget of 4 M€, is a 36 month project within the H2020 Call MG-1.4-2017, aiming at developing multifunctional TEG-enabled structural composite materials for the Aeronautics sector. To do so, HARVEST project will release the potential of breakthrough technologies via the development of i) Structural composites, comprised of hierarchical carbon fiber reinforcements and an innovative thermoset 3R (repair, recycle and reprocess) epoxy matrix with ThermoElectric Generation (TEG) and self-repair capabilities, ii) Autonomously TEG-driven integrated systems for on- and offline structural health monitoring (SHM) and iii) Wired and low-power wireless SHM data transmission and mining system. The innovative intelligent materials and parts will be manufactured in purposefully developed pilot lines aiming at reducing production time and costs.

Coordinated by the Composite and Smart Materials (CSM) Lab of the University of Ioannina, HARVEST project gathers 11 partners from six European countries: Industries, SMEs and Universities with deep knowledge and experience in the fields of nanomaterials and inks (CSM Lab-Greece, NANOCYL-Belgium), TEG-enabled textile reinforcements and composites (CSM Lab-Greece, IVW-Germany), multiscale modelling (University of Padova-Italy), smart thermoset matrices (3R technology) with self-repairing functionality (CIDETEC-Spain), structural component developers & manufacturers (CARBURES-Spain, B&T-Greece, TELETEL-Greece), Aeronautics end-user industry (SONACA-Belgium).

Regarding specific topics, CIDETEC will lead the work package focused on Specifications, with the aim to define the roadmap toward the development of hierarchical biomimetic TEG-enabled composite parts, on one hand; the work package related to the Dissemination, Exploitation & Communication Activities, on the other hand.