M33 meeting of the GREEN INSTRUCT project held in Sevilla


The month 33 meeting of the GREEN INSTRUCT project took place in SEVILLA, hosted by ACCIONA, on 26 and 27 of June 2019. Representatives from all partners of the consortium attended, with Juanan Alduncin representing CIDETEC.

During the course of this meeting the activities done by the different working groups were reviewed, focusing mainly on the Demonstrators works. Indeed, two demonstrators of the building panel developed in the Project were recently installed in the experimental site owned by ACCIONA in their facilities at the surroundings of Sevilla. A visit to them was dedicated at the beginning of the second day.

The main goal of GREEN INSTRUCT is the design and development of a prefabricated modular structural building block that is superior to conventional precast reinforced concrete panels by virtue of its reduced weight, improved acoustic and thermal performance and multiple functionalities. It also takes advantage of the re-use of materials coming from the construction or demolition wastes.

In the frame of the project, CIDETEC addresses the development of the thermal and acoustic insulating elements, based on polyurethane foams.