Mat4Rail participates in the Midterm event of the PIVOT project with contributions in 3 oral presentations and 3 posters


On October 18, the Midterm event of the PIVOT project, Performance Improvement for Vehicles On Track, was held at the Maison des Associations Internationales in Brussels. This event was organized from PIVOT in intense collaboration with the complementary projects (open calls) Mat4Rail, Run2Rail and Fair stations, all of them projects funded by the European platform Shift2Rail, within Horizon 2020, to disseminate their current results till date.

About 50 assistants from the rail sector participated in this event, among which were train manufacturers, service providers, railway platforms and technological developers.

The event was divided into the presentation of 5 talks, one per technological demonstrator of Shift2Rail (TD), where joint presentations were made between PIVOT and each of the corresponding open calls, as well as 5 explanatory posters of each technological demonstrator In particular, the Mat4Rail project; Designing the railway of the future: Fire resistant composite materials and Smart modular design, coordinated by CIDETEC Surface Engineering, collaborated in the presentation of the results in three talks and three posters, for the Technological Demonstrators of S2R TD1.3 - The new generation of car body shells, TD1.6 - Innovative doors (WP6) and TD 1.7 Train modularity in use.

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