Month 30 meeting of the ECOXY European project coordinated by CIDETEC


The month 30 meeting of the ECOXY European project, coordinated by Cidetec, took place on 20 and 21 November at the Aitiip premises in Zaragoza. CIDETEC Surface Engineering was represented by Sarah Montes and Aratz Genua, who gave a general presentation on the progress made as well as a detailed presentation on work package 1 (Project management), including the technical and financial details.

The ECOXY project develops innovative bio-based epoxy resins and fibre reinforcements to produce new sustainable and technologically competitive fibre-reinforced thermostable compounds (FRTCs), focusing on advanced functionalities: repairability, reprocessability and recyclability (3R). 3R functionalities will be achieved through the use of new resin formulae where commonly used curing agents will be replaced by dynamic hardeners. In the photo accompanying the news, one of the largest project demonstrators can be seen, manufactured using bio-based epoxy resins and natural fibres. It is a panel of the back seat of a car that illustrates the promising results achieved so far.

During the course of the meeting the project's progress in the last 6 months and the main results achieved were discussed. Each WP leader was responsible for explaining the progress and results of their work package with help from the partners involved in each of them. The CIDETEC representatives gave a preview of the next steps to be taken to ensure that the project continues to proceed appropriately in line with that described in the DoA. The next meeting of the consortium will take place next May at the CRF premises in Italy.