Postadditive’19, the additive manufacturing post-processing technology conference, was held in San Sebastián on November 6 and 7


On November 6 and 7, CIDETEC Surface Engineering brought together leading experts in post-processing technologies for materials produced by additive manufacturing at the Postadditive’19 conference in San Sebastián. The conference venue was the Hotel Arima, in the Technology Park, and the event was attended by around 80 professionals specialising in these technologies.

The opening talk was given by José Miguel Macho, SIEMENS’ Development Manager for Additive Manufacturing, who provided an overview of the additive manufacturing value chain. The second lecture was presented by Phillip Imgrund, Head of the Additive Manufacturing Processes Department at FRAUNHOFFER IAPT, and was entitled “Increasing efficiency and productivity of Additive Manufacturing through implementation of new materials, bionic design and next generation processes”.

Over the two-day event, there were a total of 17 addresses by leading professionals representing research centres and important companies in the sector, such as those of CIDETEC Surface Engineering, given by Jorge Rodríguez and María Belén García. The conference was officially opened by the centre’s Director Eva García-Lecina, and José Antonio Díez gave the closing talk.

At the end of the conference the participants expressed their satisfaction with the high technical standard of the papers, the suitability of the venue and the excellent organisation of the event by CIDETEC Surface Engineering, under the responsibility of Gemma Vara.

The positive results have led to optimism that the event will continue to be held, as it caters to an aspect that is highly specific but of great importance to the additive manufacturing process, a technology set to play a leading role in industrial activity in forthcoming years.