Technical seminar "Polishing / ionic bombardment" at CIDETEC


The technical seminar entitled "Polishing / ionic bombardment", organised by CIDETEC Surface Engineering and LEICA Microsystems, will be held at the San Sebastian Technology Park on 16 May.

The aim of this seminar is to show the industry the advantages and good practices of ionic polishing for SEM and TEM. Those attending will have the opportunity to bring along their own samples and discuss with the specialists the best method and conditions for preparing them with this technique. The seminar will demonstrate how Leica EM TXP and Leica EM TIC3X can help to:

- Produce high quality cross-sections
- Perform flat surface polishing of almost any material
- Minimise deformation or damage during preparation


Attendance, limited to a maximum of 25 people, is free but prior enrolment is required.

For more information and to enrol: