File number: CER-20191002 Call: Accreditation and award of grants for "Cervera" Technology Centres of Excellence

-Start Date: January 1st 2020
-Duration: 36 months
-Coordinator: Circe


The ENERISLA initiative, recognised by the CDTI as the Cervera Network of Excellence, is structured around four technological research centres with a high level of specialisation and excellence in the Energy sector. These centres are CIDETEC Energy Storage, Tecnalia, CTIC and Circe, which acts as coordinator.

ENERISLA's main goal is to develop the technological capacities necessary to implement isolated micro-networks powered entirely by renewable sources. This would enable the creation and transfer of knowledge and new solutions to energy companies, so that they can contribute to the evolution of electricity distribution systems in line with the planned energy transition at European and Spanish level.

For the development and testing activities of these technologies, the Consortium will set up a Demonstrator based on 2 autonomous micro-networks that will have the capacity to connect to each other via advanced communication protocols.

In this context Cidetec leads the activities related to batteries for stationary applications in renewable plants and recharging points for electric vehicles, developing advanced models of new storage technologies, algorithms for the estimation of fundamental parameters and dimensioning tools for various operating conditions.

The scope envisaged in Enerisla is in line with the implementation of the PNIEC 2021-2030, contributing to achieving greater self-sufficiency in the Spanish energy system by making more effective use of solar and wind potential.

The award of this project accredits CIDETEC as a "Cervera Centre of Excellence" in relation to the "Development of hybrid energy generation and storage systems with exclusive use of renewable technologies, applicable to products, infrastructures or buildings. Including those developments of energy systems applicable at various scales, from small products (EoT) to large infrastructures, through exclusively renewable solutions for energy generation, storage and efficiency" receiving a grant for the initiative "ENERISLA 100% RENEWABLE ISOLATED ENERGY SYSTEMS" (File: CER-20191002) through the Centre for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) under the Ministry of Science and Innovation.