OSAGEN: Development of nanovectors for gene therapy to tackle lung cancer

- Start01/07/2021
- End: 30/11/2022
- Budget: 91.011€


OSAGEN is a project funded by the Regional Government of Gipuzkoa that aims to develop new non-viral vectors for siRNA (“small interfering RNA”) to be used in non-small cell lung cancer therapy.

One of the abnormalities that contributes to the transformation of healthy cells into tumour cells is the aberrant expression of certain genes. Consequently, the gene encoding for glycoprotein CD47 has been identified as a therapeutic target in advanced non-metastatic lung cancer (stage II-III). Through gene therapy with siRNAs, it is possible to modulate the affected gene expression and restore them to normal levels. In the OSAGEN project, we are working to develop new vectors of a synthetic nature to release siRNA against CD47 in tumour cells.

Using CIDETEC's previous experience in the synthesis of materials that encapsulate nucleic acids, within this project we aim to: i) identify the critical parameters of the interactions between siRNA and non-viral vehicles to design an effective, non-cytotoxic system for healthy cells; ii) maximize in vitro transfection efficiency to block CD47 expression levels and iii) identify critical aspects associated with scalability and translation into GMP environments. As a result, we hope to establish new protocols for the production system of these vectors, for their characterization and quality control, and for the transfection of cells with them. In addition to its impact opening up new therapeutic possibilities for patients with this type of cancer, the results generated will be applied in the development of new gene therapies within CIDETEC.