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CIDETEC works to transform knowledge into solutions that add value to its customers.

That is why we want the most qualified and highly motivated professionals with a passion for research and innovation.

The profiles that we usually require are included in any of the following groups:

Doctors in chemistry or physics, specialized in materials, surface technology or biomaterials

Engineers specialised in the development of equipment and systems for energy storage

Experts in any branch of electrochemistry

If you are interested in forming part of our company but there are no current openings that fit your profile, we invite you to enter your data and CV in our database and we will take you into account for future selection processes.

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selection processes

If you really think you can meet our expectations and would like to take part in a consolidated, ambitious project with a spirit of leadership, we encourage you to participate in our selection processes.

IJME PMResearcher for the Post-Mortem Analysis LineSign up for the offer
ISIS CTS1Researcher for Coatings and Surface Treatments UnitSign up for the offer
IJBM DDResearcher for Drug Delivery System Research LineSign up for the offer
BDM MEMResearcher for the Modelling LineSign up for the offer
ISIS NSCResearcher for the Nano-surfaces and thin Film UnitSign up for the offer
UICCompetitive Intelligence and Intellectual Property ManagementSign up for the offer
IJME LINResearcher for the Li ion Batteries AreaSign up for the offer
IJME INTResearcher for the Energy UnitSign up for the offer
IJME SSBResearcher for Solid State BatterySign up for the offer

Dr. Soledad Larrocha