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A new generation of omniphobic surfaces: ionogel-based coatings

CIDETEC has developed a disruptive family of coatings, based on innovative ionogels, that exhibit omniphobic functionality since they are able to repel not only water, oil and organic solvents, but also other species such as greases, ketchup and mustard. (Patent application: PCT/ES2017/070838).


By combining a covalently anchored cross-linked polymer coating and non-volatile lubricants in an appropriate manner, a single-phase ionogel coating can be formed. The physico-chemical properties and functionality of the resulting coating can be adjusted by adding tailored functional groups to both building blocks (i.e. cross-linked polymer and lubricant). In particular, wettability of these versatile coatings may be tailored, reaching high repellency to fluids (i.e. omniphobicity).

Biomimetic fluid-repellent surfaces

Slippery Liquid
infused Porous Surfaces

  • Nepenthes-like.
  • Nanostructured surfaces retaining a liquid lubricant, which repels other fluids.
  • Omniphobic functionality.

Hierarchical superhydrophobic surfaces

  • Lotus leaf-like.
  • Hierarchical morphology.
  • Hydrophobic functionality.

SLIPS vs. superhydrophobic

Enhanced fluid slippery (i.e. even at modest contact angles).

No absolute need of hierarchical morphologies => wide room for transparency and enhanced robustness.

CIDETEC’s omniphobic ionogel coatings vs. SLIPS

SLIPS limitations:

  • Weak bonding to the substrate.
  • Loss of lubricant (e.g. evaporation…).
  • Mechanical robustness of the nanostructure (needed for high contact angles).

CIDETEC’s omniphobic ionogel coatings*:

  • Covalent bonding to the substrate.
  • Cross-linked polymers.
  • Non volatile lubricants.
  • Single phase (i.e. ionogel) coatings.
  • Wide versatility for customization.

* Patented


Since they can be applied on different substrates by many techniques, the CIDETEC’s ionogel-based omniphobic coatings open wide avenues to develop straightforward self-cleaning, anti-soiling and anti-icing solutions for different applications and sectors such as automotive, oil&gas, marine, buildings, packaging, paper industry.

Sliding occurs at very low tilting.

High contact angles and excellent slippery!