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(54% of researchers
are doctors)


European projects lead (HEU and H2020)


clients engaged in R&D over the last 5 years

Since 2000 up to now, CIDETEC has developed R & D projects with companies working in different productive sectors. At the same time, in collaboration with other industrial partners, CIDETEC has set up 6 new companies that industrialize a number of developments and complement the centre’s activity.



    Patent families


    More than 250 projects with companies in the last 5 years


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CIDETEC’s work is particularly strong in the European Union, which has resulted in the participation in 34 projects of the 7th Framework Program, leading 8 of them. This activity is followed up in the current European program, Horizon 2020, within which CIDETEC participates in 31 projects, leading 12 of them.

CIDETEC is a member of BRTA (Basque Research and Technology Alliance). This alliance is made up of 4 CRCs and 12 technology centres, SPRI Group, the Basque Government and the Provincial Councils. Its aim is to increase the cooperation between agents of the Basque Science, Technology and Innovation Network.


CIDETEC is a private, non-profit organization whose board is made up of stakeholders from the private sector, government and university.

  • Leading business group in the field of buses and coaches and a reference in sectors such as railways, electronics, communications (connectivity) and rotary machinery, with commercial presence in over 90 countries.

  • A technological group leader in high precision mechanics formed by a dozen companies dedicated to the world of Aeronautics, Health, Environment, Science and Metallic packaging.

  • A business group dedicated to the production, distribution and commercialization of energy; One of the largest electricity companies in the world, it is the second electricity producer in Spain and is at the head of the global wind power sector.

  • Industrial group supplier of the main global automotive brands, a world wide reference in decoration and highly complex functional parts in the automotive sector.

  • Company specialized in finishing processes, both inorganic and organic, with application in very diverse sectors, especially in the automotive industry.

  • The public university of the Autonomous Community of the Basque Country articulated in three campuses that group 20 faculties and schools where 88 degree are offered, as well as numerous postgraduate, masters and doctoral degrees.

  • BIC GIPUZKOA performs as a facilitator in the process of creating new innovative companies and as an active agent that supports and promotes entrepreneurial culture.

  • Governing body of the historic territory of Gipuzkoa. In addition to the ordinary competencies of the provincial councils, it exercises specific powers derived from its nature as a historical territory of the Basque Country.

  • Petronor represents the industrial vanguard of the oil sector and bears the spirit of tradition and closeness to the environment in which it is located, and to which it owes its productive force. With a productive potential of 12 million t / year, it is the largest refinery in Spain, and exports just over a third of its production. It employs 945 regular workers and has an induced employment of 6,200 people

  • The Basque Government is the entity that exercises executive power and directs the regional administration in the Basque Country, Spain. It is made up of the president of the Basque Government (in Basque: ·lehendakari·), who is elected by the Basque Parliament every four years, and by the councilors that he himself appoints after being invested. Its headquarters is located in Vitoria, headquarters of the common administrations of the Basque Country.