CIDETEC signs a collaboration agreement with the University of Alicante

Both entities will work together in the research development within the field of Electrochemistry

The President of the University of Alicante (UA), Manuel Palomar and the General Manager of CIDETEC, Francisco Javier Rodríguez, last 6th February, signed a specific collaboration agreement for the joint development of research activities and scientific and technological progress within the field of Electrochemistry.


The aim is to consolidate the existing ties and move forward in this discipline to promote the transference of knowledge. The agreement initiates with the participation of multidisciplinary teams from CIDETEC and the University Institute of Electrochemistry of the UA. The project will be leaded by professor Vicente Montiel, the director of such institute, and Dr. Hans-Jürgen Grande, Technology Manager at CIDETEC.


With this agreement it is also intended to enable and promote the exchange of students and researchers, the joint request and participation in research projects and programs, as well as mutual advice in matters related to this branch of knowledge.


CIDETEC’s relation with the research team of the UA is very close and it covers different areas. The signing of the agreement will extend the work field and allow the development of new potentialities, while it represents a boost in the progress of the Electrochemistry in Spain.