CIDETEC Energy Storage at Transport Research Arena 2018


Next 16 and 19 April, Vienna will host the prestigious TRA 2018 Conference with the support of the European Commission and the leading European technological platforms in the sector (ERTRAC and others). TRA is a bi-annual forum of encounter for industry, research and public authorities who are active in the transport sector. In consonance with the current main challenges in this area, the thrusts on which this edition will focus are digitisation, decarbonisation and the new mobility models.

CIDETEC Energy Storage is to participate in this event for the first time, and it will do so with outstanding representation: Cidetec is to be the main author, co-author or holder of up to a total of three plenary presentations, five posters, and three stands. To be underscored in addition is the holding of a parallel workshop on battery technology co-organised by three European projects in this area – Five VB, Spicy and eCaiman – the latter two of which Cidetec is participating in.

With regard to the exhibit, the Cidetec contribution to the European Commission stand, conceived as a forum for the dissemination of project results, is to be pointed out. Different samples of electrodes, cells and battery module parts developed in the framework of Spicy and eCaiman, in which Cidetec is participating, have been submitted. On another front, the EGVIA stand (of the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association) will be distributing information about the recently-launched IModBatt project coordinated by CIDETEC Energy Storage, regarding advanced technologies for automotive battery packs.