CIDETEC launches the company CIDEcell for the manufacture of batteries


Europe is making a great effort to adapt to the requirements of new mobility and energy efficiency. A substantial number of gigafactories will be required for the manufacturing of large-scale batteries, but it is also critical to have flexible and adaptable production, on a smaller scale, to validate new materials technologies and generate final products for specific applications.

The growing demand from customers has led CIDETEC, leader in the development of battery technology in Europe, to create CIDEcell. Its production is aimed at material manufacturers, technologists and battery manufacturers, as well as niche market battery applications, among others. The spin-off will produce customized electrodes and cells, tailored to each customer's needs, offering a service focused on agility and flexibility.

CIDEcell is coming onto the market with a broad technological portfolio that includes advanced lithium ion batteries, solid electrolyte, sodium ion, lithium sulfur and supercapacitors. The new company's products are characterised by the use of innovative materials, including silicon anodes or high nickel and/or cobalt-free cathodes. The new company also offers the possibility of manufacturing low environmental impact electrodes using aqueous-based processes, free of volatile organic compounds.

With an initial workforce of five employees, production will reach 10MWh per year, with cell capacities ranging from one to 100Ah. Initially, the cells will be manufactured in pouch format in various sizes tailored to customer requirements, but with the focus on new prismatic and cylindrical dimensions within a year.

The company already has a customer portfolio, as a result of business relationships established in recent years at CIDETEC.