CIDETEC to receive one of the first candidates selected in the European Doctorate Programme, DESTINY


Those chosen will develop the sustainable batteries of the future

Europe is immersed in the energy transformation that will lead to the electrification of the continent through renewable energies. In this scenario, the development of sustainable batteries is indispensable in order to ensure their usefulness on a large scale in the near future.
 The DESTINY project, supported by the European Commission, aims to create a European PhD programme to train the scientists who will develop the batteries of the future, providing European industry with disruptive technologies and a competitive edge throughout the value chain.

The programme will consist of a total of 50 PhDs over the next 5 years, of which 29 will be selected in the coming months by a renowned panel of experts in the field of batteries. One of the first to be chosen will work at the CIDETEC premises in San Sebastian on the development of solid state batteries based on inorganic compound electrolytes (#12). Another 21 will be selected in 2022.

CIDETEC has been selected from a large number of applicants to receive one of these young researchers in collaboration with the IEK-1 Forschungszentrum Jülich (Germany), a centre with which it works via the ALISTORE association. The scholar will work for two and a half years in the Gipuzkoan establishment and for another 6 months in Germany.

Through this initiative, CIDETEC reaffirms its commitment to training, the generation of knowledge and specialisation in the development of batteries that make a more sustainable society possible.

Those who wish to apply for one of the first 29 places offered through this initiative may do so from 7 December on the platform provided for this purpose. There are a total of 41 partners involved, from 11 European Union countries.