Irizar Group registers the project 'CAPITAL' to PERTE VEC with an alliance of 21 companies, with Iberdrola as an energy partner


The Irizar Group presented on Tuesday its project 'Technological training and industrial development of the bus value chain and associated infrastructure for decarbonisation of the transport sector with zero emissions solutions' (CAPITAL) applying for aid from the Strategic Project for Economic Recovery and Transformation for the development of the Electric and Connected Vehicle (PERTE VEC).

The Irizar Group, together with national companies from up to 7 autonomous communities, make up a consortium of 21 companies, 61% of which are SMEs. 

The 'CAPITAL' project is committed to the decarbonisation and sustainability of zero-emission connected transport by creating 100% electric buses to electric commercial vehicles for different urban applications, considering also the commitment to hydrogen as a solution for collective mobility.

The project 'CAPITAL', led by the Irizar Group, will make an investment of more than 63 million euros in projects to achieve a more electrified Spain with the new generation of sustainable vehicles, covering the overall value chain of the vehicle with new designs and solutions and fostering partnerships for essential components.

In this way, the Irizar Group remains committed to the decarbonisation of the transport sector with zero emissions solutions, advancing in offering alternatives that reaffirm its commitment to sustainability started years ago.

The project, which has benefited from the consulting and coordination services of Zabala Innovation during the development process, is composed of Irizar, Irizar E-Mobility, Jema Energy, Masats, Datik Información Inteligente, Internacional Hispacold, Iberdrola, Fundacion Cidetec, Edai Technical Unit, Ekide, Sisteplant, Construcciones Mecanicas Jose Lazpiur, Cayata, Epl Engineering, Polirrós, Electronica Falcon, Baleike, Mendiaraiz, Lis Data Solutions, Ingurumenaren Kideak Ingenieria, Owasys Advanced Wireless Devices.