Significant presence of CIDETEC Energy Storage at the “H2020RTR - Results from Road Transport Research” conference


The event brings together 65 European projects on 29-30 March in Brussels.


The 5th edition of the European Conference H2020RTR on road transport will take place on 29-30 March in Brussels.
 During the event, 65 projects funded by the European Horizon 2020 programme will present their achievements, describe how they resolved challenges and outline the next research steps in different essential areas for road transport in the EU.

As a result of CIDETEC Energy Storage’s intense activity on the European battery and electromobility R&D scene, it will have a significant presence at this event. On the one hand, the researchers Mikel Arrinda and Elixabete Ayerbe will present the iHeCoBatt and DEFACTO projects, respectively, as their coordinators. iHeCoBatt aims to develop a series of advanced thermal management concepts at battery pack level, while DEFACTO focuses on the modelling and development of digital twins for li-ion battery cell manufacturing lines.

CIDETEC Energy Storage will also be present through other projects in which it actively participates, such as SAFELiMOVE, COBRA, Si-DRIVE and IMAGE, all of which are related to the development of new chemical and material concepts for advanced battery technologies, such as solid electrolyte batteries.

LiPLANET, a European network of pilot plants for the manufacture of lithium cells, of which CIDETEC is a partner, will be present in the exhibition area of this event co-organised by the European Commission, in collaboration with other initiatives such as the European Green Vehicles Initiative Association (EGVIAfor2Zero), of which CIDETEC Energy Storage is also a member.