Iñaki Aranburu appointed as IK4’s new Chairman

Iñaki Aranburu, Chairman of IK4-IKERLAN, has been appointed as the new chairman of IK4 now that Jesús María Iriondo’s term of office has come to an end. Mr Iriondo will continue to collaborate with the alliance from his position as Chairman of IK4-TEKNIKER.

By virtue of these changes within the governing bodies of the Basque R&D alliance, Iñaki Otaño (IK4-LORTEK) will also be joining as the new vice-chairman. José Miguel Erdozain remains as CEO.


The new chairman of IK4 began his professional career at IK4-IKERLAN, where he worked for 15 years, some of which as a member of its Governing Board. He then joined the co-operative Goizper as its Head of Product Development where he set up Olaker, its R&D unit. Four years later he continued his professional career at Orona, where he developed its Technological Innovation area with the setting up of its R&D Unit Orona eic. Right now he is head of Corporate Management, Promotion and Marketing at Orona in addition to being the Chairman of IK4-IKERLAN.


Iñaki Otaño has pursued his professional career in Arrasate-Mondragon as the Vice-President of the business group and drove forward its internationalisation. He is currently the Chairman of IK4-LORTEK.