CIDETEC Surface Engineering has participated in the EU Green Week


The largest annual event on environmental policies in Europe, which took place from the 3rd to the 11th of June 2023.


As part of this initiative, the clustering workshop organized by EXELISIS on the 7th of June: Skills guiding the green transition of the plating industry, brought together EU funded projects NICKEFFECT, NOUVEAU, FREEME and MOZART joining forces to present the skills necessary for the green transition of different industries as the energy or the plating industry.

NICKEFFECT project is an innovative initiative coordinated by CIDETEC Surface Engineering which aims to develop new nickel-based materials with ferromagnetic character to replace scarce and costly platinum and platinum group metals in key applications as energy and digital storage sectors. The approach incorporates save and sustainable by design tools for materials selection.

The NICKEFFECT project brings together a multidisciplinary consortium of 12 partners from 7 different countries, ranging from scientific and technological developers to technology providers, end-users and cross-cutting partners.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering's presentation was focused on the main challenges and opportunities posed by the project, as well as on the innovative approach and the expected results to be obtained with the development of these new materials.

CIDETEC Surface Engineering's participation in the EU Green Week has been an excellent opportunity to advance the understanding of the sustainability issues involved in plating industry, as well as to establish contacts and synergies with other relevant EU projects and actors in the field of environmental policies and ecological transition.

We invite you to follow the news of the NICKEFFECT project through its website and social networks.