CIDETEC Surface Engineering's goal: sustainable, competitive Carbon Fibre Composites


The Z-WasTEK project aims to reuse carbon fibre composites and 3R resin: repairable, recyclable and sustainable


Researchers at CIDETEC Surface Engineering are fully immersed in the Z-WasTEK project, which aims to develop new zero waste technologies for the manufacture of composites based on high-quality recycled carbon fibre and 3R resin (repairable, recyclable and reprocessable) patented by CIDETEC. This new method will allow all the waste generated in manufacturing this composite to be eliminated, while recovering the carbon fibre with the same initial quality and at a competitive cost.

The material obtained from this recycling technology will be used to develop new prototypes for the automotive and railway sectors.

Z-WasTEK, part of the Basque Regional Government's Financial Support Programme for Business R&D (HAZITEK) and co-funded by the European Union through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF), is headed up by OBE HETTICH S.L. With a budget of 2.4 million euros, the project started in 2020 and will be completed in 2022.

Apart from CIDETEC Surface Engineering, the project also counts on the collaboration of the companies MARISKONE S.L., FIBERTECNIC S.A., FIBER PROFIL S.L., SEGULA TECNOLOGÍAS ESPAÑA S.A.U., IGESTEK INCREASE&WIN S.L., MAIER S.COOP. and INKOA SISTEMAS S.L.