DISnanoAMR: Disruptive nanotherapy to fight AMR through biofilm disaggregation

- Start: 01/12/2022
- End: 30/11/2025
- Budget:  1,030,575€


CIDETEC (Coordinator)
- Laboratorio Reig Jofre SA

The project:

DISnanoAMR project aims to improve the current therapies for AMR biofilm-based infections from a different perspective using breakthrough approaches integrating novel systems for drug delivery and the use of enzymes to disaggregate the biofilm matrix to improve antibiotic and immune system action. We will develop during this project novel in vitro systems resembling the natural conditions found in chronically infected lungs to test novel drug delivery systems in conditions like biofilm infections.

CIDETEC'S role in the project:

CIDETEC Nanomedicine will work on the design of a nanocarrier as a universal platform that can hide the antibiotics and minimize their entrapment into the biofilm, combined with an enzyme specifically engineered to disrupt bacterial biofilm by degrading its extracellular biofilm matrix and promote the permeation of the nanocarrier with the drug. The nanocarrier developed in DISnanoAMR will offer an advanced universal platform to produce nanoantibiotics (NAs) to revalorize already known antibiotics to fight resistant bacterial strains via biofilm formation.