Friction modifier

New generation friction modifier additives: metal chalcogenide-based hybrid nanoparticles

CIDETEC has developed and patented (WO/2016/156543 A1) a new family of friction modifiers, which provide outstanding friction reduction ability in lubricants for different applications such as engines and gears as well as wear resistance in composite materials.


The surface of lamellar chlacogenide (e.g. MoS2 and WS2) nanoparticles is tailored modified with the selected organic moities in order to enhance their well-known tribological properties. This unique combination results in hybrid friction modifier additives, which improve significantly the performance of lubricants and composite materials. Consequently, the energy efficiency, durability and reliability of engines, gears and mechanical systems in general may be improved.

Morphological control



Synthesis capacity: 2 kg/batch

CIDETEC’s friction modifier additives in oils

When CIDETEC’s friction modifier additives are used, the friction coefficient is decreased by more than 50% vs. 5W30 commercial oil. Furthermore the friction coefficient also decreases very significantly versus 5W30 oil modified with commercial MoDTC friction modifiers.


Engine oils modified with the CIDETEC’s friction modifier additives have been tested in motorway, urban circuits and car races, demonstrating improvement in fuel efficiency and reduction of pollutant gas emission.

CIDETEC’s friction modifier additives in composite materials

SAMPLE% wear reduction
Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene ---
Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene + 0.5 % Cidetec´s friction modifiers 25
Glass fibre reinforced polypropylene + 3 % Cidetec´s friction modifiers 42


The CIDETEC’s hybrid friction modifier additive technology open wide avenues for improving the tribological performance of different lubricants such as oils and greases, but also solid materials to maximize the energy efficiency, lifetime and reliability of engines and other systems such as gears, bearings, joints in different sectors (e.g. automotive, aeronautics, power generation).