An interactive map of the components of a vehicle, created with the collaboration of CIDETEC Energy Storage, will highlight the national industrial capacity in the sector


With a fundamentally educational purpose, the Spanish Association of Automotive Suppliers (SERNAUTO) has created a two-dimensional interactive infographic showing the main components of a vehicle, with the participation of CIDETEC Energy Storage.

Spain has a strong, competitive and innovative automotive supplier industry that designs, develops and supplies equipment and components for both global vehicle manufacturing and the aftermarket.

Automotive suppliers contribute 75% of the value of the vehicle. This virtual and interactive “components map” shows, in a very visual way, this industry’s contribution and the technological capabilities available in Spain to develop these components and systems.

The aim is to bring society closer to the wide variety of systems and components manufactured and/or supplied from our country and to highlight the broad ecosystem of entities that are behind the development of a vehicle.

In the first phase, the aim was to show the map of the major families of components that make up the vehicle in its 4 versions of propulsion: internal combustion, hybrid, electric and hydrogen. The infographic takes us through the different parts of any vehicle and describes their components grouped into four main categories: chassis or platform; bodywork; cabin; and safety systems and ADAS. Each area will mention the automotive suppliers who make these parts and who have collaborated in this initiative.

Thanks to the heavy investment in Research, Development and Innovation (R&D&I) made by suppliers (three times the industrial average), the components that equip vehicles are becoming increasingly more technologically sophisticated, making them safer, more efficient, more connected and more automated. To this end, in Spain we also have benchmark technology centres specialising in the automotive sector, which collaborate with vehicle and component manufacturers from around the world.

This infographic is available in both Spanish and English, so it will also serve as another tool for the international promotion of the “Components made in Spain” brand.

It has been produced with the support of ICEX España Exportación e Inversiones and the collaboration of important suppliers and technology centres such as: Alvagar, Alter Technology, Bosch, Benteler, CIDETEC, Continental, CTAG, Gestamp, Grupo Antolin, Hella, Joarjo, Knauf Industries, Fagor Ederlan, Mahle, Mann+Hummel, Marelli, Mondragón, Saint Gobain, Schaeffler, Tecco Automotive, Tecnalia, Valeo, Varta, Vicomtech, Zanini and ZF.