CIDTEC to participate in a roundtable with leading experts in renewable energy

Deusto Business School brings together industry leaders to discuss the future of renewable energy

Deusto Business School has organised a roundtable titled “Spanish Innovations in Renewable Energy: The Future of Renewable Energy as a Solution to Sustainability”, which will be celebrated on 2 and 3 March.  The roundtable was organised with the support of the US Office of Naval Research Global and the US Army RDECOM Forward Element Command Atlantic.


The purpose of the roundtable is to present an overview of the innovations in the field of renewable energy in Spain. The roundtable’s 10 thematic sessions will bring together a select group of experts from the industry’s most innovative research companies, laboratories and institutions in Spain. Participants include renowned companies like Abengoa, Acciona, Repsol, Gamesa, Iberdrola and EVE.


The first day will be a comprehensive review of innovations in all areas of renewable energies, with special focus on key areas of innovation: increased power generation, efficiency, management, profitability, storage and new materials. The second day will require the active contribution of all participants with the presentation of the scenario of market competitiveness in the different subsectors of renewable energies. CIDETEC will take an active part on the second day by participating in the session on “Crosscutting and storage disruptive innovations”.