Low toxic and environmentally friendly antifouling coatings

CIDETEC takes part in the European Project BYEFOULING focused on high volume production of low toxic and environmentally friendly antifouling coatings for mobile and stationary maritime applications.

The technology will fulfill the coating requirements as a result of the incorporation of novel antifouling agents and a new set of binders into coating formulations for maritime transportation and fishing vessels, floating devices and aquaculture. The approach in BYEFOULING is to tackle the different stages of the biofouling process using innovative antifouling agents, covering surface-structured materials, protein adsorption inhibitors, quorum sensing inhibitors, natural biocides and microorganisms with antifouling properties. A proof-of-concept for the most promising candidates will be developed and demonstrators will be produced and tested on fields.

BYEFOULING with a budget of 10 million euros, will combine a multidisciplinary leading research team from 11 European countries, which are already acting worldwide in the scientific community, with highly relevant and skilled technological partners, to build a consortium able to develop a full production line for antifouling coatings in Europe. These include relevant leading research centers, besides CIDETEC, such as SINTEF, FRAUNHOFER or MATERIANOVA, international universities in this field like TEL-AVIV, SANTIAGO DE COMPOSTELA, LIVERPOOL, ATHENS and UMONS universities, as well as the biggest European biochemical company (LONZA) and the second biggest antifouling coatings manufacturer (JOTUN).