NDTCorr 2023


On May 11th and 12th CIDETEC Surface Engineering hosted the NDTCorr 2023 workshop in San Sebastian. NDTCorr workshop was focused on Detection and monitoring of corrosion phenomena by Non-Destructive Techniques and had the participation of leading companies and research organisations in the field. All presentations were made in English and around 50 participants attended the event.

This first day started with a general overview of the techniques used for corrosion monitoring by CIDETECwhich was followed by a presentation on Acoustic Emission as a tool to monitor in real time different corrosion forms that has been one of the main topics of the Clean Sky2 EC-funded U-CROSS project made by MISTRAS and CIDETEC. In the same day AIRBUS presented an overview of methods for corrosion prediction in aerostructures and EDDIFY an overview of physical techniques used in different industrial sectors. The first day finished with a presentation of VUB (Vrije Universiteit Brussel) on Operando Electrochemical Impedance technique.

The second day resumed with other 7 presentations by HEREON, INSA-Lyon, ZENSOR, DAS-NANO, EDDIFY, INNERSPEC and EVIDENT. We saw more applications of physical non-destructive techniques such as Ultrasonic testing with INNERSPEC and EVIDENT, Terahertz with DAS-NANO and Pulse Eddy Current with EDDIFY, together with applications of electrochemical sensors with ZENSOR and corrosion modelling and prediction with HEREON and INSA-Lyon.

The event was the ideal place for experts in the field of corrosion and non-destructive testing techniques to discuss, find synergies and new ideas and clearly showed that the development of new technologies both for corrosion inspection and monitoring is a real industrial need.

The workshop was partially funded by the Horizon 2020 and Clean Sky 2 U-CROSS project. Some of the results of this project were presented at the event.