The ECOLAND project participated in the Clean Sky 2 event ”European aeronautics research at its best: what next in Horizon Europe?”


The Clean Sky 2 event was held a two-day high-level conference on 9-10 April 2019 in Brussels, focusing on aeronautics research at its best and the future of the programme in Horizon Europe. The first day were feature speakers from the European aeronautics industry, the European Parliament and European Commission, as well as research centres and academia, while the second day was taken a closer look at achievements of the Clean Sky 2 so far.

During the CS2 poster session, Dr. Jaime Ochoa (Business Development Manager at Strategic Partnering Unit, CIDETEC) participated with a poster presentation showing the main goal of the ECOLAND project. ECOLAND is about developing a suitable REACH compliant anaphoretic electrocoating or “E-coat” treatment that can replace the currently used Cr(VI)-based anodising + painting (those will be prohibited starting in 2024) for protection of Al 7000 alloys in aeronautic applications.

Moreover, its environmental highlights and scaling up to industrial levels for the assessment of the TRL 5 achievement were shown.