CIDETEC joins the Basque Automotive Cluster


On 11 April, the Board of Directors of ACICAE-Basque Automotive Cluster approved the admission of CIDETEC as a Collaborating Partner.

ACICAE is an organisation with the mission of revitalising the Basque automotive sector, enabling cooperation between Basque companies in order to provide a joint response to the major challenges faced by the industry. It is considered to be the first automotive cluster to be formed in Europe.

Since its creation in 1993, it has developed rapidly, contributing to the six-fold increase in turnover of the Basque automotive sector in the last twenty-five years, exceeding 18,390 million euros and 85,000 people worldwide. The cluster currently has more than 160 members.

The Basque automotive components industry is one of the most competitive and innovative. Its levels of management are the most advanced in the world, with a high degree of effectiveness and efficiency. It comprises 300 companies with a turnover of more than 18 billion euros and employs more than 85,000 people, of which 40,000 are in the Basque Country. In addition, we must mention the particular importance of Daimler Vitoria, with around 135,000 vehicles a year and 3,000 employees.

CIDETEC's inclusion in the cluster strengthens its position in one of its main markets, the automotive sector, and guarantees its presence and participation in the main initiatives carried out in this industry.